Special production

In times of mass production it becomes more and more difficult to find a seller for individual needs, which is on one hand payable and on the other hand avaiable in short time!

We can offer you this service!

Special Colour Combinations:

The shown racing suits are only a small selection of all possible colour combinations. We produce all racing suits (FIA) except for PROSPORT on customer request. This means that you have the choice from a wide range of colours in different Materials and you can choose your colour of quilting, bordering, stretch and cuffs. And this without any extra charge!

Style Variations:

You can also choose your individual style with some special extras like stretch at the back end, inside pockets or trouser legs in US-style for a low extra charge.

Individual Designs:

With our clothing sortiment we tried to meet a high taste and quality level. If you have still individual design wishes … no problem! Send us your design as sketch Form/SpecialProduction via E-mail, Fax or mail! We advise you about the details and make you an offer.

Fitting to your individual suit we make also the Team-Wear.

Special produced items on customer request are without right to exchange. When producing your individual design, we can only work cash before production.