Evrén Bishoff

Beim GP 500ccm in LeMans 1994

Evrén Bischoff, born 1965, is our expert for technique with about 25 years experience in racing. From 1976-1981 he raced on HB-Karts and was three-times german Kart champion over 50 ccm.

After the immigration to (former) Western Germany in the early 80ies the toolmaker and precision mechanic followed his father Hartmut Bischoff, who was an famous international motorcycle rider (not least 7-times german champion from 1960-1974), design engeener of the legendary HB-motorcycles in Eastern Germany and later after his active racing time successful tuner for riders like Reinhold Roth, Harald Eckl, Peter Öttl and Katja Poensgen in the Two Wheels Grand Prix until his early death in 1996.

Evrén Bischoff ranked in the years 1989 until 1996 with the best German motorcycle riders of 250ccm, raced successfully at European Championship runs and was able to qualify for several Grand Prixes in his career. Highlights were surely the victory at the first legendary Schleizer “triangle” race after the reunion in 1990 and his short but spectacular ride at the 500 ccm Grand Prix at Le Mans 1994.

After his active career he was engaged by Suzuki Germany as technical chief for the superbike factory team, which he headed very successfully from 1997 until 1999.

His private engagement in the Alber-clan followed the professional start at GA!